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 uE officially closing its doors

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PostSubject: uE officially closing its doors   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:28 pm

We had a good but run due to lack of interest i think uE will keep its doors closed for good who knows we might come back around the winter but unlikely. thanks for making the last 3 years a blast.
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PostSubject: Re: uE officially closing its doors   Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:21 pm

just a good run? Nope, we had a GREAT time kicking xsv, dta, gods (no offence lol), and anyone else who decided to war/scrim us. Hell this actually might be the last time we officially say we're done..after how many times we've seemed to disappear, but always made our way back to noghost lol

Nonetheless, i always had fun with ren and however many of his brothers/cousins play Wink , and run, cheez.. and of course i cant forget the others Neo, Jester, Rohan, Grass, Sick, Cookies, Jin, HurT, and beast.. (apologies if i left ppl out)

Man im gonna miss playing with yall. Even though all i did was go get the flag while you guys held down def lmao jocolor
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uE officially closing its doors
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